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(prompt: HS!AU prom, Cas asks Dean to dance)

Dean has no idea why he let Jo drag him into this. He doesn’t like 99% of his classmates, yet here he is, spending his free Saturday night locked in a gymnasium with them. Not only that, but he paid 30 bucks for the privilege.

It’s all Jo’s fault. She’s the one who leaned close in the hallway and whispered, “I hear Castiel is going alone.” She knew perfectly well that Dean had chickened out asking him - not that it was really his fault. Cas is gorgeous and smart and rich and funny and an amazing soccer player. He’s got nice hair and too-blue eyes and a shy smile that makes Dean’s heart do back-flips. It’s just - intimidating. Plus, he’s always surrounded by his clique, the cool kids, the angels. Dean can’t get within ten feet of them without at least one turning to glare at him.

Cas’s surrounded by that same group now when Dean finally spots him.

Cas’s always been attractive, but tonight, wrapped in a well-fitted tuxedo, Cas could light the room on fire. His hair’s combed neatly though, taming the usual bedhead he sports. He looks good, but Dean really just wants to run his fingers through it and make it wild like usual. He’s hot, but he’s not quite Cas - not yet.

Cas glances over and Dean drops his gaze. His own clothes are nothing so lavish. He didn’t have the money to run out and rent a tux. He had to settle for khaki Dockers, a button-up shirt, and his leather jacket. His black boots are scuffed. He should have polished them.

He never should have come here at all.

Jo laughs beside him. “You lucky son of a gun,” she says and disappears into the crowd. Dean thinks of going after her, when someone coughs from the other side of him. He turns, ready to tell whoever off and just bail on this whole thing. Cas is never going to want to talk to him, let alone be with him.

Except, when he turns, Cas is the one standing there.

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(prompt: HS!AU Cas had a wet dream about his best friend Dean)

Cas has been avoiding Dean now for four days, three hours, and fifty-six minutes - not that Dean’s counting. And Dean has no idea what he did wrong this time. Everything was going great, actually. Dean and Cas had been hanging out more and more. Every night they’d do homework and then watch television together or talk. Dean’s heart had been doing back flips of happiness; he has had the biggest crush on Cas since they started high school.

But one morning, Dean came to school and found Cas at his locker as per usual. Cas looked at him, paled, and ran away without one word. When Dean tried later it was the same, just like every time since for the past four days. Now Friday, Dean really wants to find out what he did wrong before the weekend. They are supposed to go to see a movie. Dean wants to apologize in time to keep his plans.

Dean waits until Chemistry, where Cas can’t escape, then leans over and whispers, “Did I do something?” Cas’s face turns red, maybe in anger, but he doesn’t say anything. “Why are you mad at me?”

"I’m not!" Cas says too loud and the teacher pauses the lecture a moment to glare at him. Cas shrinks down into his seat. When the lecture begins again, he turns to Dean and says, softer, "I’m not."

"Then why are you avoiding me?"

Cas shakes his head.

"Cas," Dean pleads. When Cas doesn’t answer, Dean turns to guessing. If Cas isn’t mad at him, then… what else could it be? The answer pops into Dean’s brain and he immediately wishes it hadn’t. "You’re seeing someone."

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Dean had a bit of an unusual hobby when he was in middle school. See, he’d… kind of been watching the kid next door for years.

At first he did it out of curiosity; the Novaks had only just moved in and they had like a million children, who were loud and always fighting outside where the whole neighborhood could hear them, often seeming to end up wrestling on the floor in a pile of limbs and nudging elbows and biting (courtesy of Gabriel; the one brother he had actually met in person because the Novaks had made him come over to apologize one day for tampering with the whole neighborhood’s sprinklers so that, instead of water, beer would come out — Dean thought he was kind of a genius).

But yes. The craziness seemed like a family event to which all siblings were invited… all except for the youngest, that is.

Dean had a pretty good view from his room, where he could hear them arguing about something or another while the youngest Novak sat by his favorite tree (or at least what Dean assumed was his favorite tree, seeing as he was always sitting on the same spot), reading a book as peaceful as an angel. 

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